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  • Lovers Don and Lady Dee live busy lives, so they are excited to take some much needed couples time to relax. During the week there just isn't enough time for passion, so they kiss deeply and tenderly, making up for embraces lost to the grind. Entwined tightly in each others arms on the couch, the couple lovingly makes out as Don slides a finger into Dee's wet pussy. Ready to please his lady, Don kisses a trail from her lips, to her stomach, and finally, to her sex. After taking her pussy into his mouth, Dee returns the favor with a long, devoted blowjob. Finally able to release the week's tension, the two fuck in every position they can think of and Lady Dee reaches orgasm multiple times. Thoroughly satisfied, the brunette babe gives Don the okay, and the stud unloads his cum onto Dee's tight pussy.
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